After the success of Chub Heightz’s 3rd album single, Hot Property, on radio stations such as Yarona FM, RB2 and YFM (South Africa), it was only right that the video be release soon after.  The video follows the similar simplicity and execution of the track which complements it perfectly by adding the needed visuals to further highlight the sheer power this track has in the hip hop scene.

Here it is!!! Enjoy



Red Alert is the latest single from VH’s Backstage mixtape and is set to make waves in the local industry. It brings together two elements, Hip Hop & Raggae, that were well blended by Marked Men Records producer, QXJR.
Listen to the track below and leave your comments and opinions. #Distinction


Artist: VH
Produced By: QXJR
Executive Produced By: Tubz The Maestro & VH
Mixed & Mastered By: Tubz The Maestro (for Marked Men Records)
Mixtape: Backstage
Label: Marked Men Records
Published By: Marked Men Records





Artist: VH
Produced By: Shisz Beatz
Executive Produced By: Tubz The Maestro & VH
Mixed & Mastered By: Tubz The Maestro (for Marked Men Records)
Mixtape: Backstage
Label: Marked Men Records
Published By: Marked Men Records

This was the first track that was recorded for this particular project in the second half of 2012. The track talks about making the decision to take on hip hop whole heartedly without any doubts of whether I should be here or not.

“ I’m here backstage contemplating on my next move /
This world crazy, especially wit niggaz like me dude /
Sacrificed my 9 to 5, Living to the day I die /
This here the prelude the main event gonna be history live /
This year the coming age – metaphors is blades, spittn real /
You would think I’m like Reeves I took the pill / …..”

I started rapping from the age of 10 when my older brother, Arthur, introduced me to it. It’s been on and off since then up until the team decided that we were going to do this full time and make it work – that decision was made in 2010 during the time Chub Heightz started work on his 3rd Letter Music Mixtape. It was also the same year that I left my job in order to focus more on my career as an artist and entrepreneur.

This track is a statement of all this and more, as it comes from a very real place and real life situations.

Below is the full audio track. Hope you enjoy it for those that haven’t downloaded the mixtape.

To download the mixtape, visit our downloads page or download the song here

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With all the hype around mixtape drops, album drops and a general buzz in the hip hop community, this month represents the anniversary of Chub Heightz Necessary Noise album release. And what better way to do that than by getting an exclusive feature on one of Africa’s most prominent Hip Hop magazines – HYPE MAGAZINE. On this month’s issue of Hype Magazine Chub Heightz made the cover line, with the full write up on pages 44 – 45.

With a fitting title, “DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH”, Chub Heightz goes on to discuss the music scene in Botswana, his road to Necessary Noise, why he named the album “Necessary Noise” and more…. Make sure you visit your closest retailer and get a copy on this month’s issue of Hype Magazine to read the full story.

In addition to the Hype magazine feature, Chub Heightz made another cover line across the continent on a USA based magazine “AFRICAN MUZIK MAGAZINE”. The Magazine is based in Dallas and has been working on bridging African music, between the two continents. Also featured on the magazine are Ice Prince, Wizkid, Davido, and more…

Lookout for new and exciting things to come from Chub Heightz this year.

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BACKSTAGE is the sophomore mixtape project by Marked Men Records recording artist VH, his follow up to “THE REHEARSAL” mixtape that dropped in early 2012. The Backstage mixtape was released on 30 September 2013 or free online download through the Marked Men Records label, via .  The project was executive produced by Tatenda “Tubz The Maestro” Mutambarah and Vaughan “VH” Mutambarah. It features in-house producers Tubz The Maestro & QXJR, along with production from Shisz Beats, Mark Sunners, Sniteville and Koby_Buckville.

Track features include Chub Heightz, Young Slugz, Ozi F Teddy, Y Dot C, Petula, King Blak, Lissie Rob and Anna Hlin. The project showcases more of VH’s versatility as an artist and looks to appeal to a more diverse market both locally and internationally.

Follow the link below to download the full mixtape.


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Official track listing from VH’s BACKSTAGE mixtape features production from Tubz The Maestro, QXJR, Sniteville, Mark Sunners, Koby_Buckville, and Shisz Beats that gave the project a very diverse overall sound. To complement the production the featured artists on the project are Chub Heightz,Young Slugz, Ozi F Teddy, King Blak, Y Dot C, Lissie Rob, Petula , Anna Hlin (Idols Iceland runner up).




Recording artist VH is gearing up to release his sophomore mixtape titled “BACKSTAGE”. This follows a 2012 debut mixtape “The Rehearsal” that saw him officially enter the hip hop under the name VH. The upcoming mixtape showcases a lot more versatility from the VH, with more flows, word play, lyrical content, and delivery. In a time where hip hop is getting back to its pure form of punch lines, creativity, lyrical content, artistry etc… we feel that VH will fit in amongst those that appreciate that era of hip hop.

The production team on the project consists of Tubz The Maestro, Qxjr, Koby_Buckville, Lazy-i, Shisz Beats. He worked with a number of local and international artists on the project and they will be revealed with the release of the mix-tape track listing, within the first two weeks of September.

The project is set to drop on 30 September 2013 (Botswana Independence Day).


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MMR commissioned for NO SLEEP BW REMIX

Recently, Chub Heightz was commissioned to put together a Botswana Remix for Reason’s hit single “NO SLEEP” featured on Tibz “Tebello Motsoane” All Love Album that was recently hosted on the June/July issue of Hype Magazine. This comes after the success “NO SLEEP” (RSA Remix) that featured the likes of L-Tido, Tumi (previously of the Tumi & The Volume), Ginger Trill, and Moneoa.

The BW REMIX features VH, Sasa Klaas, Touch Motswak, and Chub Heightz. The combination of artists led to a dope outcome and thus far has received good reviews. Here are a few words from Chub Heightz regarding the remix “Well, I personally think the beat is what brought everything together as well as the concept, No Sleep. These are artists that everyone knows to be on that grind 24/7 so it was only right that they jump on it. Everyone delivered dope verses and still managed not to sound like the other. Much respect to them”.

Shout out to Tibz & Reason for giving the Marked Men team the opportunity to bless what was already a hit!!!

Make sure you check out Reason’s new single with Dj Switch “Switch” and go get yourself a copy of his latest album “Reason A3D”.

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Listen to No Sleep BW Remix Download it here