Marked Men Incorporated (Pty) Ltd is a fully functioning group of companies, including a clothing line (Marked Men Clothing), record label, artist, producer & engineer management company (Marked Men Records), and an events management company (Kosher Nights). Artists, producers and models signed to Marked Men Inc. receive packaged deals that include endorsements, record sales & distribution, and become an integral part of event tours.

Marked Men Inc. strives to create distinct brands within the urban market through innovative designs, high quality and creative music production, and delivery of high energy, mature & urban nightlife.

MARKED MEN CLOTHING is an urban clothing brand, founded in 2005, by Vaughan Mutambarah and Tatenda Mutambarah.

The company is a division to Marked Men Incorporated (Pty) Ltd. Since its inception the team has crafted a well blended product that caters for a diverse urban market, with innovative and street savvy designs that are inspired from the ever growing hip hop culture. Over the past couple of years the brand has gained a reputation as a unique brand that focuses on quality, individuality, and style.

MARKED MEN RECORDS is an Independent Record Label, based in Botswana, founded by Vaughan “VH” Mutambarah & Arnold “The Maestro” Mutambarah in 2006. The company focuses on music production, online sales & distribution, artist & producer management, music publishing. On the label roster is Chub Heightz, VH, MakThata, Dj Fauz, Tubz The Maestro & Qxjr.

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